Rainy Days and Tuesdays…

It’s raining, I can’t see the sun to properly worship it. That’s OK. Nobody is keeping score. I know with every cell in my body that it will be back one day. I’ll send a quick prayer to Joe Pesci, maybe he can do something with the rain and clouds. Take a ball bat to them, maybe. May Joe’s Will Be Done, Mothafucka!

The Wife is working night shifts all this week. I got the house all to myself. Well, myself and the bitey, scratchy, lovely, pup thing I call “Teena.” Pups are amazing, running 90 mph, wild as a fucking rabid beast, demanding play, demanding rough housing, demanding food, then they just fall over and take a nap. Usually tucked into my elbow.

Last night I woke up to find puppy snuggled down on my pillow, right up against my head. She was having a little doggie nightmare (or she was chasing rabbits), I petted her a little. She never woke up, just snuggled closer and got quiet. What can I say, I’m in love! This is as close as I get to having kids of my own.

I’ve always had dogs in my life, I’d hate to think of what kind of screwed up, dickhead asshole I’d be if I never had dogs to “tame” me. Something about the unconditional love a dog gives you makes you feel the world isn’t as fucked up as it seems. Dogs never lie about love. Anyone who tells you it’s not love, they are full of cat-shit! You tell ’em I said so!!

My older dog, the aging Dobie whose name is Gigi, but I’ll call Fartbox, is a little jealous, but I’m making the time to pay her more attention. A few days ago I rolled her on her back, feet in the hair and trimmed her nails. She really does love it and the attention! The Wife used to paint Gigi’s nails bright red. Nothing funnier to me that seeing the big, bad ass Doberman, on her back, feet in the air, COTTON BALLS BETWEEN HER TOES, as the Wife carefully paints each claw. Then Fartbox would wait quietly in that position until she said the polish was dry.

Why do I call her Fartbox? When she sighs and rolls over, it’s a sign to cover your nose. Or flee the house altogether. That dog has cleared a room or two in her day…