Rememberies, part 4a.

More things I remembered about living in Tennessee

– All the houses in the military reservation surrounded this huge field we had for a common back yard. Once they dug a huge trench down the middle of this field. To my 7 year old eyes it seemed like the Grand Canyon opened up overnight in my back yard. Us kids would play all over that trench and dirt hill until someone would chase up away.

– Us neighborhood kids also liked to investigate all the empty houses after someone had moved out, seeing what kind of booty we could find. It was exciting being where we weren’t supposed to be.

– I aquired a taste for onion grass there. Every once and a while I’d pick some out of the ground and chew on it for awhile. Also I had my first ice cream made from new fallen snow.

– We used to take a lot of trips to see mom’s family in Indiana. Grandpa was a huge person to them young eyes. Thye had a dog called “Hoss” a huge, hairy beast that was a favorite of all the kids and managed to worm his way into almost any photograph taken in that house. It was a great time in their house, a place that had been lived in by the same family for many decades.