Wandering Skyrim

Now that I have the Special Edition version of Skyrim, I’ve been tramping around Tamriel when I could. My favorite cheat mods aren’t available anymore so I spend my fair share being hacked to death by Draugr, blown up by Wispmothers and eaten by ice trolls as I level up again. And with the new computer its looking better than ever. I’m enjoying the game like I did five years ago. 

The gameplay hasn’t changed much, but now that its a 64 bit executable its been a lot less buggy for me. My low end gamer PC runs it at high settings and its gorgeous.  Other differences: 

  • All the DLCs – Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn are included.
  • More visual controls – just about everything you needed an ENB mod for is there, nice graphics but not overwhelming.
  • Multiple character handling – its all built in now. 
  • PS4 and XBOX One – available for these consoles but no free upgrade like the PC folks got

Mods have been slow to transfer over, these also have to be redone as 64 bit to work with Skyrim SE, but there are some good ones out already. I’ll cover a few of my favorites later.