Do I Care?

When I though about it a bit, I’m not sure that I care whether the US military smacks the crap outta Afghanistan. You can’t really bomb them back to the stone age, they are already there. I don’t think the US is stupid enough to start bombing Afghans indiscriminately. Hopefully, we have learned better than that.

Reports out of Israel say it’s IRAQ, good ole Saddam, who paid for or planned the dirty deed. Now there is someone who would be worth a good pounding. Maybe first thing we do it flatten everyone of Saddam’s 50 or so palaces. That might actually be worth something. But still, what will it mean? Will it stop terrorists from attacking us or will it just make them pissier? I’m confused…

Are we really surprised?

The 9-11 attack and the coming response… Should we be surprised? Haven’t “humans” been doing this to each other for about 100,000 years? People start identifying with a certain group, religion, ethnicity, nationality and from then on everyone who believes something different of what your group, religion, ethnicity, nationality believes is the enemy and it to be destroyed! I’m sure it all started when we were in the caves! One group would yell to the other:


And then the other group, knowing that that statement could not possibly be true, take offense and rush out to defend their god and everyone starts smacking each other in the skull with large pieces of wood…

I don’t identify myself with any group, religion, or ethnicity (and I only call myself an American because I and a card carrying, dues-paying member of that particular group). What I am is an old white guy, pushing forty and spouting some really freaked up ideas. I’m just a part of the audience, watching the world fall apart and enjoying the entertainment.

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