Happy New Year and more…

Happy New Year!

It’s Now Year 5762! Happy New Year!

I’m not Jewish but I think I’ll start counting years like this… makes me feel younger than my 39 years. which means I was born in 5723. From 5723 to 5762 seems like a lot smaller amount that from 1962 to 2001. I like that!

Not that I mind getting old, but this is the prime time to be alive! So many exciting things, both good and bad are happening. Or as George Carlin might say: “We are in for a great deal of ENTERTAINMENT!” This from a guy who is looking for a Richter scale 25 earthquake, just for the entertainment value, or at least that’s what George said to Art Bell a few years ago.

George Carlin is great and most times hits the nail square on the head!

Cold Blood Anyone?

If we don’t get a little cold blood to show the American People and soon, folks are gonna get a little pissy. News-heads are telling us “the war” may last three to five years. Is our attention span anywhere that long? Doubt it…